What Is ride Cowichan?

Ride Cowichan is a rider-forward initiative by Cowichan Cycles to make information about mountain biking in the Cowichan Valley easily accessible.

With trail information, helmet cam footage, directions, trail etiquette, tips and tricks, etc., Ride Cowichan seeks to highlight the Cowichan Valley as the world-class mountain biking destination it is.

Featuring information about the three main mountains—Tzouhalem, Maple, and Prevost—Ride Cowichan is for Valley locals and tourists alike.

The Mountains

Mt. Tzouhalem, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island

Mt. Tzouhalem is the most popular hill in the valley, and it's easy to see why. The Tzou has a wide range of trails to satisfy anyone from relative beginners to expert riders. Here you can find classic cross country riding, descending focussed tech, high speed flow, and creative wood features along with jumps and drops. There truly is something for everyone at Tzouhalem.

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Maple Mountain, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island.

Maple Mountain riding can be best described as classic BC XC. It is technical and challenging both on the climbs and descents. Out of all the riding in town, here is where you will find the most rocks and roots. The exception being the “new” flow trail, Phloem, that brings some of that classic high speed flow and rhythm on a smoother, less technical run.

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Mt. Prevost, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island

Prevost has become somewhat of a legend over the last two decades. Although Canada is home to many incredible athletes, it is obvious that Prevost is the secret sauce in the recipe for a Downhill Champion. The runs here are proper descending-only downhill tracks. They are high speed, challenging, steep, and riddled with features.

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Featured Routes

Trail Etiquette

Plan Ahead

While we’re stoked to see more and more people getting into the sport, more bikers on the trails means less parking available during peak hours. Especially in regard to the Valley’s most popular trailhead, Kaspa Road on Tzouhalem, it’s generally best to avoid this lot during peak hours between 10:00am and 3:00pm on weekends and holidays. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ride at all. Instead, we encourage you to check out the other mountains and access points during these peak times.

Share the Trail

Although we encourage you to shred as hard as your skill level allows, please remember you’re not the only one using these trails. Other riders may be present on the trails, so watch out for them, especially when descending. Many of the trails are multi-directional as well as multi-use, so keep an eye out for hikers or other riders coming from behind or in front. If you need to stop, or are slower than someone behind you, pull off the trail and allow others to pass safely.

Tread Lightly

While it may seem unnecessary to say, please remember to act as a good steward of the sport, and be respectful of the trails, environment, and others. We all know better than to litter, so pack out what you bring in. Stay on the trails, and, whenever possible, avoid tearing up the trail with unnecessary skids. Please be respectful of neighbours’ properties, and stay off of private property. By acting responsibly and encouraging others to do the same, we show decision makers that mountain biking is a sustainable and worthwhile investment in the community.

Support the Builders

Without the Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society, mountain biking in the Cowichan Valley would look very different. Through a hardworking group of members—most volunteers—the Stewards are directly responsible for the building and maintenance of many of the Cowichan Valley’s mountain biking and hiking trails. Please consider becoming a member for $40/year, with proceeds going directly to trail-building efforts. Find out more at: www.cowichantrails.ca